Dog’s Name             Tonks                                                                            

Age     2 years        Birth date _Feb 19, 200     Breed: Shih-Tzu/Pomerian cross

Male/Female __female_ Spayed/Neutered___yes___

Dog’s Height at withers (in feet and inches)              Withers??                  

Dog’s Weight (in pounds)                7 lbs                

Is your dog obedience trained? Yes/No __no__

To what level? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does your dog participate in other activities? (please check all that apply)

Agility ___; Disc___; Dock___; Field___; Flyball___; Hurdles___; Pet Therapy___; Other__licking excessively , enjoys riding in purses and other forms of conveyance (including baskets)____

Head Shots:



Tonks as Toto "Is that a Witch???"

 Emotion Shot: Tonks as Toto, Longing for home.

Action Shot:  “OMG!! IS that a WITCH!!”

I think she has a wide range of emotions… lol