December 2008

Vega and Tonks Dec 2008 009 Vega and Tonks Dec 2008 011


It has been -20 Celsius or colder for the past couple weeks here in Edmonton.  The dogs are starting to get a bit of cabin fever.  For Vega, its not the cold so much as the snow getting stuck in her paw pads.  For Tonks, she’s just COLD! because she is so little.  Luckily, she’ll wear her booties and coat, so she does okay on short walks.  Vega will just randomly plop down on the sidewalk with her paws sticking out.  Today she actually made me carry her!  Vega figures she’ll hold her pee until spring, I think.  I must be vigilant.

  • Fat, light, puffy snow
  • Snow flakes on my dogs’ faces
  • Vega’s snow boots
  • How it glows outside at night as the light is reflected in the snow
  • The silence in the morning or late at night after a new snowfall.


Pandas in Chengdu, China March 2008

Pandas in Chengdu, China March 2008

My sister didn’t get her visa in time for her flight tomorrow.  Who knows when it will come, we’ll have to wait.  but this means, for her, less time in Edmonton and the airfare will cost a tonne in changes.