November 2008

Me:  Good Morning, B Engineering

Caller:  Hi can I please speak with E?

Me:  E isn’t here, can I please take a message?

Caller:  But he just called me.

Me:  I’m sorry, he’s out of town, did he call from his cell phone?

Caller:  No, it says he called on my call display.

Me:  Well, he pays for it, but we all use the phone here.  Did the caller leave a message?

Caller:  No, it just says on my call display.

Me:  Well, is there someone else here you would like to talk to?

Caller:  Can I speak to accounts payable?

Me:  That’s me.

Caller: this is —.  Did you call me?

Me:  No, sorry.

Caller:  okay, thanks.  bye.