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So I’m making my Christmas wishlist for my mom… and I need a travel mug. I googled “awesome travel mug” and… tadaa… The Amazing Brugo!
It keeps the coffee hot and when you want to drink, you tip it away from you so that a mouthful goes into the storage area and becomes cooler/the right temperature before you drink it. Who thinks up these things?

While trying to take a photo of Tonks to show my bf’s family, I got this.
Dogs Oct 2009 003
I was trying to think of what it reminded me of, when I realized it was this: rascal-worlds-ugliest-dog-747829
One of the World’s Ugliest Dog contenders. Great. 😉

I’m currently reading “Not Buying It” by Judith Levine which tells about her year of buying nothing but necessities.  She talks about rampant consumerism in America and issues it brings up.  It is definitely bringing out my guilt in buying things like starbucks lattes and even dog treats.  Why should I be feeding my dogs when people are starving elsewhere?
My other thought at the moment is that I’ve always been a frugal shopper.  I hardly buy anything not on sale.  I’ve always kind of had the idea of “how much are the people making this getting if it only cost me $___” but this book has really made me think about this.  Now, do I buy things that are cheap, or do I pay more so that other people get the money.  If I pay more, who is really getting the money anyway?  I guess I should try to buy less, at least for now, while I try to figure this out.